30 September 2009

Slither , USA, 2009 ☆☆☆

We all know the plot: when an alien ship crashes on Earth and a mutant being starts attacking humans, soon a whole town is infected with the alien virus. However, the film is very entertaining and you won't want to miss a minute of it.

29 September 2009

Duplicity , USA, 2009 ☆☆☆☆

When two spies try to get away with industrial secrets in order to run away with millions of dollars and retire once and for all, not everything happens as planned and in between, we get a story that jumps back in time in order to explain how these two talented spies, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, got to know each other and eventually fall in love.

28 September 2009


A public and collaborative exhibition took place at the Bibliiothèque de Mont-Royal. My friend Brigitte Schuster invited people to draw letters on a sheet of paper. These were then scanned and put on an online database. The newly created fonts were accessible at the website almost immediately. People could type any word on the computer and the new font would be displayed. More here: http://www.mixtyp.es/documentation

27 September 2009

Life is Hot in Cracktown , USA, 2009 ☆☆☆

Shown for the first time at the Fantasia Film Festival this last summer, the story of a group of people (a store clerk, a prostitute, a street gang leader and other characters) are portrayed in this film. When things go from bad to worse and there is no happy ending in sight, the story takes an even more dramatic turn. Suspenseful and violent, this movie is worth watching.

25 September 2009

Katyn , Poland, 2007 ☆☆☆☆

Polish director Andrzej Wajda explores the story of a Soviet massacre of thousands of Polish officers and citizens in the Katyn forest in 1940. The music score is very good, by the way.

24 September 2009

District 9 , USA, 2009 ☆☆☆☆☆

Aliens invade Earth and decide to park their mother spaceship above Johannesburg. There are thousands of aliens inside this spaceship. The government decides to create a ghetto called District 9 to accommadate the aliens. The movie carries a strong indirect message on how humans have treated each other and how racism and injustice most of the time prevails. Perhaps the most entertaining summer blockbuster of 2009.