27 May 2012

How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming?

Kā tev klājas, Rūdolf Ming?, Latvia, 2010, **

Back To Your Arms

Kai Apkabinsiu Tave, Lithuania, 2010, dir. Kristijonas Vildziunas, ***

A drama about a daughter who tries to establish contact with her father, who is a Communist officer living int he east sector of Berlin. The story takes place two months before the construction of the Berlin Wall. A very interesting movie for those who like Berlin and its history. In Lithuanian, Russian and German.

Letters to Angel

Kirjad Inglile (Estonia, 2010, dir. Sulev Keedus) ****

The most surreal film I have ever seen that deals with the topic of soldiers returning from Afghanistan. It is hard to understand where the action takes place, but the characters, the sets and the dialogues are interesting enough to keep you through the almost two hour-long movie.

21 May 2012

Agnes and his Brothers

Agnes und seine Brüder, Germany 2011, dir. Oskar Roehler

The story of Agnes, a man who decides to live as a woman, and his relationship with his two brothers.  A story of a dysfunctional family. Based on real life events inspired by Roehler's childhood.

10 May 2012

100 Years of Evil (US, Sweden, 2010) dir. Erik Eger & Magnus Oliv ***

A mockumentary about Adolf Hitler having survived WWII and actually having escaped to the USA to live incognito. Funny and creepy at the same time.
Into The Abyss (USA, Germany, 2011) dir. Werner Herzog **

A documentary about the life of two American families torn apart by murder and capital punishment in the state of Texas.

Senna (UK, 2010) dir. Asif Kapadia ****

The short and successful career of Brazilian Ayrton Senna is portrayed in this British documentary.  Worth watching, even if you are not a sports race car fan.

A Better Life (USA, 2011) dir. Chris Weitz  ***

A drama about an illegal Mexican dad living in LA as a gardener. When he decides to buy a truck and it gets immediately stolen, things start to get messy. In an attempt to get it back, he gets into trouble with the police. His life  is about to change drastically.