25 January 2012

All That I Love Wszystko, co kocham, 2009, Poland

Poland in the 80's. A young man plays in a group and sings songs about freedom. The government tries to shut them down. All the while he falls in love with a girl whose father works for the government.
Super 8 2011, USA

The newest Stephen Spielberg's production involves a group of kids (what else?) trying to make their first home movie, when suddently a military train carrying an alien creature derails close to their village and the alien escapes. A little boring at times but overall entertaining.
The Iron Lady USA, 2011

Meryl Streep plays the leading role of Margaret Thatcher in this autobiographical movie. The plot moves from past to present, narrating the most interesting and touching moments in Thatcher's 10 years as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

16 January 2012

K-Pop Top 10 of 2011

The best ten videos of Korean pop for 2011. Let's count them down, staring with number 10:

10. Infinite - BTD

9. U-Kiss - Neverland

8.Seo In Guk feat. Jiyeon - Shake It Up

7. 2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music

6. Sistar - So Cool

5. Kara - Step

4. After School Red - In The Night Sky

3. Infinite - Be Mine

2. 2PM - Hands Up

1. 2NE1 - I Am The Best