30 June 2013

Beyond the Hills

 După dealuri, Romania, 2012, dir. Cristian Mongiu, ***

A look into the secluded life in a monastery in Romania. It is also the story of two girls who used to have a romantic relationship. When one of them decides to live in the monastery, she changes her perspective on love life and when her friends come to visit, nothing is the same anymore between them. However, there is a twist at the end of the story, and in a very unexpected way.

26 June 2013

Room 237

 USA, 2012, dir. Rodney Ascher, ***

The over-analysis of this cult classic brought to the extreme. For sure there is stuff you will learn about it. Makes you want to watch "The Shining" again, maybe a couple of times, in order to decipher the apparent secrets that are hidden in it.

24 June 2013

Paradise: Love

 Paradies: Liebe, 2012, Austria, dir. Ulrich Seidl, ****
The first part of Ulrich Seidl’s trilogy. A middle-age woman travels to Africa in search of a local sexual partner. She has both good and bad experiences, fun times and depressing moments.  A crude and striking look into human desires.

Side Effects

 2013, USA, dir. Steven Soderbergh, ****


Israel, 2010, dir. Eytan Fox, ***

The sequel to Yossi & Jagger.

11 June 2013

The Hunt

 Jagten, 2012, Denmark, dir. Thomas Vinterberg, ***

Goodbye, Dragon Inn

Taiwan, 2003, dir. Tsai Ming-liang, **

The Great Gatsby

USA, 2013, dir. Baz Fuhrmann, ***