24 August 2012

2 Days in New York

USA, 2012, dir. Julie Delpy ****

An original comedy featuring Julie Delpy and Chris Rock. When Julie's family from Paris comes to visit her in New York, it turns everyone's life around in unexpected ways. 

The Sound of Noise

2010, Sweden, France, dir. Ola Simonsson *

A group of musician friends get together to create performances in the city and make music out of common everyday articles and tools. They go to a hospital, a bank, a concert hall and even climb up the electric power stations to create musical sounds. 

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

Spain, 2011, dir. Gereon Wetzel **

A documentary featuring a year in the life of El Bulli, the most famous new cuisine restaurant in Catalonia, Spain.

07 August 2012

Hidden in the Woods (Fantasia Fest 2012)

En las Afueras de la Ciudad, Chile, 2012, dir. Patricio Valladares **

A father keeps his three kids trapped in a cabin in the woods for years. They learn to survive on their own, and guess what? They also happen to eat human flesh. This cannibalistic gorefest is fast-paced and disturbing, reminding us of the 70's and 80's exploitation films. The acting is somewhat fake, the story and overall pace keeps you awake until the end.

06 August 2012

Chained (Fantasia Fest 2012)

USA, 2012, dir. Jennifer Lynch, ***
A disturbing tale of a mother and son kidnapped by a taxi driver. The boy is kept hidden in the killer's house for 8 years, doing the house shores and cleaning up after the serial killer finishes up his jobs. Even more disturbing is the ending because not all is at it seems. 

Black's Game (Fantasia Fest 2012)

Iceland, 2012, dir. Oskar Thor Axelsson ****

A junkie starts doing favors and working for the biggest drug dealer in Reykjavik and soon he is in the middle of a drug distribution ring. Life is good and crazy until one member of the team starts stealing drug and the boss finds out. He takes on extreme measure to make sure everybody obeys. Set in the year 1999, the photography and set designs are amazing, the story is also interesting.

05 August 2012

Killer Joe (Fantasia Fest 2012)

USA, 2011, dir. William Friedkin *****
A classic tale comes back to the big screen thanks to Friedkin. A broke junkie hires the services of Killer Joe to kill his mother and claim the life insurance. Of course things do not go the way he planned and the ending will leave you begging for more. Amazing acting performances from almost everyone. 

Beast (Fantasia Fest 2012)

Denmark, 2011, dir. Christoffer Boe ****

A married couple starts to argue over fits of jealousy. The husband seems to be obsessed with finding out whether his wife is really cheating on him or not. The obsession turns into sick paranoia that will not end on a happy note. Amazing photography of Copenhague during winter and a very effective soundtrack.