27 May 2010

Humpday USA, 2009 ☆☆
Two best friends meet after many years. During a party that they both go to they decide to make a porn movie. The whole discussion of how and why takes up most of the movie and at the end nothing really happens.

09 May 2010

North by Northwest USA, 1959 ☆☆☆☆

No one does movies like this one nowadays. There is a superb music score with orchestra, beautiful and talented actors, an interesting plot and the direction of Hitchcock make up for a very good suspense movie. A man is mistakenly kidnapped. While trying to flee this mess, he gets caught up more than he expected with unexpected consequences.

06 May 2010

The Corporation Canada, 2003 ☆☆☆

A scalpel-like view of how a coporation works and the reasons for its existence. It might have a very pessimistic look on businesses in general, but the examples given in this documentary are up-to-date and very relevant to our modern chaotic world.