28 December 2012


UK, 2009, dir. Duncan Jones, **

 A man is sent to the moon to work at Lunar Enterprises, which retrieves helium in order to ship it back to the Earth in order to generate energy. When he has an accident with one of the trucks, he finds out that he is not alone in the lunar module. Another twin of him is wandering around. Or is this the product of his imagination? or is it a clone of himself? How many of them are there? and how long has he really been on the Moon? You will need to watch it to find out.

Les Intouchables

The Untouchables, France, 2011, dir. √Čric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, ***

The real-life story of a paralytic rich man who seeks a full-time helper. He decides to hire an immigrant. A strong friendship develops and it will have positive side effects for both.


USA, 2012, dir. Oliver Stone ****

When two best friends get together to cultivate the best marijuana plant in the world, little do they know that getting out of the business one day will be extremely dangerous. Mexican cartels get involved and the real fun begins.