26 July 2012

Resolution (Fantasia Fest 2012)

USA, 2012, dir. Justin Benson & Aaron Scott Moorhead *

A drug addict and junkie lives by himself in a cabin in the woods. One day his best friend comes over to visit and decides that it's now or never to help him get out of his addiction. However, the cabin sits on the border of an aboriginal reserve. Soon enough, weird sounds and persons show up. Something or someone seems to be lurking at every corner. Good premise and plot, but the movie just does not deliver the punch at the right moments.

Jackpot (Fantasia Fest 2012)

Arme Riddere, Norway, 2011, dir. Magnus Martens *****

A group of ex-convicts buys a lottery ticket and they end up winning the big prize. But from here on, things go downhill for all four of them. They all want to keep the money for themselves, and they will do all it takes to get rid of each other. Action-packed, fast-paced and original. Black comedy at its best.

07 July 2012

Des Vents Contraires

*** France, 2011, dir. Jalil Lespert
When his wife suddenly disappears, a writer decides to start a new life in a different city and take his two kids with him. It's an everyday struggle with a new job and new surroundings, until the shocking truth is revealed at the end. Quite depressing.