11 October 2009

Antichrist Denmark, 2009 ☆☆☆☆☆

Just one I thought I had seen the best of Lars von Trier comes this new movie. He had to go through a depression to come up with this dark story. The nature as a dark force and evil and witchcraft are all mixed together in this story. A couple grieves the accidental death of their son and escape the city and go into their cottage house in an attempt to reconcile themselves. Things go from bad to worse. Von Trier is more flexible with the Dogma doctrine and makes use of digital effects to create beautiful dark scenes. There are also sex and violence scenes so explicit that people actually left the movie theatre. Nevertheless, this is simply put a masterpiece.
Coco Avant Chanel , France, 2009 ☆☆☆

Audrey Tatou portrays Coco Chanel in her early days as fashion designer. Interesting to see how she started singing in bars and living with his rich boyfriend until she started her own hat store, moved to Paris by herself and became completely independent.

06 October 2009

Hofesh Shechter: Uprising & In Your Rooms , Modern Dance Company from the UK.

Hofesh Shechter, an Israel-born modern dancer, brought his dance troop to Montréal for three days only. The mix of industrial background music, live band and minimalistic decor is simply amazing. The music has more rhythm then Sascha Waltz, so it makes it easier to follow. It is in any case a very unique dance experience.